Timelapse Visualization Generator (pre-beta)

A simple CREATE Lab utility for creating simple and
beautiful animated timelapse map visualizations.

How It Works

upload your .csv file (comma-separated values)

customize and publish your visualization

download your map project

Get Started

Upload Your CSV File

Pre-Beta Disclaimer

This utility is currently in early development stages. The utility will produce a zip file containing your project, and a live version of your project. The live version may be altered or removed at any time without notificiation.


To create a map, simply upload a CSV file containing columns for latitude, longitude, and time.

Download an example CSV file here

Valid file layouts:

Latitude and longitude must be specified in WGS84 decimal degrees.

For best results, dates / times should ideally be given in “YYYY-MM-DD” format,
or dates with times in "YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS" format.

Columns must match the following format:

If your CSV file contains headers, set your column names to "lat", "lon", and "time" (no quotation marks).

Please report errors, issues, or requests to megge [at] andrew.cmu.edu

Upload CSV File:

e.g. http://www.create.maps.org/projects/my-projects-title

valid url


A valid email is required to modify or delete your project later.